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IT Professional

Green Tech




A Piano playing, code writing, and sci-fi watching
Information Technology Professional and Entrepreneur.

 I am Daniel Horning, an Information Technology Professional with an entrepreneurial spirit that creates accessible, secure, and easy to use websites. I am also a serial learner constantly reading and taking online courses for various technologies and tools. I also love photography.

I write safe, efficient, and self-documenting code (mostly C#/PHP/JS and Cold Fusion), and enjoy listening to all sorts of music (while occasionally playing the piano/keyboard). Since starting a small company in 1998, I work quickly and logically to resolve support requests and all issues.

Most recently, being able to build WCAG compliant websites for NYS DMV and helping advance green tech through building a couple of off-grid power systems (one had 1000 solar panels - to date still the largest in the world for a residence).

Life Experience

Software I Love

PHP, CMS (Wordpress, Drupal, etc...), XML, Java Script, MySQL, SQL Server, Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft Visual Studio, Windows Servers, Windows Desktops, Adobe Creative Suite, Linux Servers, Linux Desktops

Digital Media Production Head

City Harvest Family Church

Daniel has created a video production environment, upgraded in house networking, built a social media presence, and continues to manage and train teams and team leaders.

Work Experience

Partner / Designer, 1998-Present

American Digital Services

Design client web site(s) and intranet tools using PHP and other languages. Create and deploy Customer e-Commerce websites using open source and custom software packages (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Opencart, and others). Manage multi-server intranet and internet hosting systems in house and on AWS, Azure, and other cloud and traditional hosting platforms. Create custom SQL databases for price management and sales reporting on customer’s state sales contracts.

Systems Administrator, 2004

Design & Disaster Recovery Consulting, Ltd

Managed and built high availability servers and networks for in house and state enterprise contracts. Maintained internal Windows Servers (2000, 2003) including connections into Exchange, Cisco Unity and Blackberry Servers. Maintained and deployed ny.gov hosting. Configured and maintained a LENEL security system for access control and monitoring.


Eastern Gateway Community College

in pursuit of an Associates Degree

Business Management with a Cyber Security Focus


Ongoing Education

Dan continues to study many areas including business management, electrical engineering, and other interests.


Online Partner e-learning

Continuing Education, Enhance both product and administrative knowledge of the entire Microsoft network of applications.

Shenendehowa High School

Technology focused education, Diploma, 1998

Helped support the network infrastructure and hardware of the High School while a student.