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Dreams – It is planned… It is happening

After thinking about this dream this morning – I’m wondering what if any is the meaning for it. Since my dreams tend to be very directly related to something current – what is it?

In a dream last night – I was in a bar someplace with friends (no person in particular that I remember) and I end up hearing something over everything and everyone – a voice that says “it is planned…” and I say “what?”, it says “it is happening.” Right after the last word I see a amazingly bright purple light outside, when I go outside its some spaceship landing… then I woke up


  • the spoken word was a whisper heard above everything else.
  • the purple light was the best i could use to define the color – but it was an incredible sight.
  • I don’t think the spaceship had anything to do with it because I think I switched dreams at the point I went “outside”.